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  • qxio-arrow-down-b Voluntary Registration Of Title Deeds

    In England most properties have their title deeds electronically registered with the Land Registry. This means that if the paper copies are lost or destroyed another copy can be obtained in seconds via email at very little cost.

    However people who bought their homes before land registration was introduced in the early 1970s may still be operating on the old system of paper title deeds. If the bundle of papers are misplaced or damaged you can find yourself in a situation where you have nothing to prove you own your home.

    Many of our clients in this situation choose to voluntarily register their paper title deeds with the Land Registry to move over to the modern system. During this process any anomalies or problems (such as boundaries) can be ironed out so that you are left with peace of mind that your home's value is protected for the future.

    At the end of the process the title deeds are simplified and the boundaries are clearly shown and marked up on a copy of the Ordnance Survey map. Any original deeds are returned and can be kept at home without the need for any expensive safekeeping.

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  • qxio-arrow-down-b Registration of Enduring Power of Attorney
  • qxio-arrow-down-b Heir Hunter Claims
  • qxio-arrow-down-b Deed of Variation for Estates

    Are you happy with the way your loved one's Will was written? Do you wish your relative had made a Will? Could there have been a better way?

    Not many people know but within 2 years of someone's death you can vary their estate, legally, to say that they left a Will setting out better terms. 

    Our clients use this little known about service often as a way to plan for their own futures usually (but not exclusively) as a part of Inheritance Tax planning. 

    By way of example if Grandma leaves all of her estate to her son who in turn is already very wealthy, he can prepare a Deed of Variation to say that his share (or part of it) is left in trusts for his own children. The gift is written back so that it is classed as being a gift directly from Grandma to Grandchild. This reduces the amount Dad is worth without the need for any 7 year rules.

    Each family and its circumstances are different so it may be worth calling to have a quick chat to discuss what is possible - it may be that from our experience we can offer a variety of alternatives and suggested solutions.

  • qxio-arrow-down-b Property Trust Deeds
  • qxio-arrow-down-b Possessory Title/ Squatters rights
  • qxio-arrow-down-b Transfer of Property into Joint Names

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