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By : Diane Burke

I met with Jenny and Alan in their home, sat at the kitchen table, one Tuesday evening. Their two young children were just in bed and they both seemed nervous. Neither had made a Will before but they both knew they should have one to protect each other and their young children.

They made a cup of tea for themselves and I began asking them questions about their health, their income, their family situation and their assets. I reassured them that I have a standard set of questions that I ask anyone and that I am not just very nosey! There is method in all my madness..

It was clear that they were both very intelligent and successful people in their own fields and as such had a little knowledge of some of the topics we covered. I assured them that no question was silly and explained everything in the same detail even if just to recap what they may already know.

Finally I went through the component parts of a Will and offered my advice based on the experience of visiting many similar couples. I also prompted them to think of things they had not thought of such as where their children would live if they both died and where their money would go if there was a terrible family accident such as a house fire.

An hour and a half later I left them to their evening. They were both visibly relieved to have finally given their instructions, the children were both still asleep and we had actually had a bit of a laugh along the way.

I came back to them three weeks later (before they went on their summer holidays) with the finalised Wills for them to sign. A quick half hour to run through, sign and pay. The next time I will be in touch should be in 5 years’ time to review the Wills (touch wood no disasters in the meantime). I look forward to seeing how their family and estate will have grown!

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